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Creating Business Systems  Policies & Procedures

Workplace policies and procedures can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming, trying to keep up with all the legislation and compliance updates. But, one thing is certain: every business needs them. This is because policies and procedures in the workplace are essential for the efficient management of employees in any business. Detailed workplace policies and procedures outline the correct ways of working, sets standards of behavior and helps articulates your organisation’s mission and values.

In addition, they provide a decision-making framework to ensure integrity and fairness if issues arise, thereby minimising legal and safety risks for you and your business.

A well-drafted set of policies and procedures ensures that your company rules, standards, values, culture, and benefits are clearly outlined, ensuring consistency in the decision-making process and in operational procedures.

Policies also benefit employers if they ever are forced to defend themselves against an unfair dismissal claim, Work Health and Safety (WHS) prosecution or liability claims.

Well communicated workplace policies offer benefits such as:

  • help employees understand your expectations with respect to standards of behaviour and performance, and gives them defined boundaries that are consistent with the values of your business.

  • provide a set of guidelines for decision-making in everyday situations that employees can refer to, which can help to maintain stability even during periods of upheaval or change.  

  • allows you to treat all employees equally, ensuring uniformity and consistency in decision-making and operational procedures

  • provide all and sundry with a documented method of dealing with complaints and misunderstandings, which should help avoid any undue claims of favouritism or discrimination

  • can assist in assessing employee performance and establishing accountability

We can step you through the process of creating a set of polices and procedures that are tailormade just for your business. 

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